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Secondly, health orb drops are way more common than energy orb drops and thanks to your Desecrate you will have a lot of health orbs lying around, healing you up and giving you more casts of your third ability. You build your Nekros the same way as in the main build, but you’ll sacrifice some ability duration and strength for a more stable build. Many players regard Nekros as a one-trick pony and simply use his desecrate ability to increase loot drops. The lord of the dead is, however, much more than that. He can have high survivability for endgame scenarios and he even has some insane crowd control potential which we will showcase in our Nekros build.

05/03/2014 · Hello guys, does any1 use nekros as a desecrator only for farm materials and mods? Im asking becouse i m near to the 950 invasions runs for farm the brakk and still no barrel even with desecrate. Btw do any1 have a build for use nekros as a desecrator only? Nekros Prime is the primed variant of Nekros with upgraded stats. The frame is a must-have if you are looking to farm something in the game. We have a couple of builds here that you can use in the game. There are mainly two builds for Nekros. Both of the builds have been covered in this article in detail. You can check them below. You can also. Desecrate Despoil max range build by vmore, last updated on Aug 19, 2019. 3 Forma 157 Platinum 0 Endo - This is a build aimed at maximizing the range and efficiency of your Desecrate ability to make it fire and forget, especially with the extra efficiency taking the drain per desecrate down to 4 health. Vitality and Health Conversion should. Nekros Desecrate Build. Hey guys. Today we’re gonna take a look at the Nekros. And I’ve been using the exact same build for well over a year now and I haven’t been able to come up with anything better than this. It’s the Nekros Desecrate Build that basically feeds itself through Equilibrium mod. Nekros è il primo Warframe di cui gli elmi alternativi sono solamente cosmetici, al contrario dei precedenti elmi alternativi "Arcane". Nekros è uno dei pochi Warframe per cui l'animazione non tiene l'arco a due mani – gli altri sono Hydroid, Limbo e Mesa. Tiene l'arco con la.

16/06/2016 · With this build you can stand at the pod in void defense and desecrate will reach the interior door bottleneck. The high efficiency allows you to spam desecrate often. Quick Thinking is all you should need to survive. Natural Talent feels necessary since desecrate and shadows of the dead have long casting animations. 24/08/2018 · So, I just finished building Nekros with a very simple Despoil build for solo low level farming 20-50 lvl and was testing on the Simulacrum. First. I assumed pretty sure I read somewhere that you're supposed to cast desecrate on the bodies you kill body parts. Nekros can also desecrate personal life support from bodies. Weapons with high Slash damage are likely to dismember enemies into multiple body parts. Desecrate synergizes well with Equilibrium – every energy orb picked up will regenerate health and vice versa, allowing for Desecrate to be constantly active, regardless of whether the player has the Despoil augment or not. If you like warframe- and would like to support me, give me a hand or return the favor for the five years I worked on this app not sure it's a good way to say it, I've always been bad for asking help, please consider trying my kinetic novel, available on Steam. See Category:Nekros Guides to read user-made guides on how to play this Warframe. Trivia. His name comes from the Greek word "νεκρός", meaning "dead". Nekros is Swedish for Necrosis which is a medical term for the death of most or all of the cells in an organ or tissue due to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply.

If you are modding for either of these then you are using up mod slots without increasing health or range. Reality is, none of nekros' abilities are really good enough to justify modding with a view towards abilities, especially when you are as squishy as nekros. Shield of Shadows. Shadows of the Dead Augment: Each Shadow within 50m take 6% of the Damage done to Nekros in his stead.

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